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Nurse Training Management for the Zika Virus


With concern over the Zika virus spreading worldwide, hospitals are preparing to offer additional training for staff to recognize the symptoms early and provide effective treatment. Centralized management of such training is crucial for success.

Online services such as can help ensure the success of your training program. Timeslot management, Continuing Education credit tracking, one-click reporting, automatic email reminders and non-profit discounts all come together to let you make the most of your time and resources.


rsvpBOOK is utilized primarily to provide course registration for the employees participating in continuing education programs. Because lifelong learning is the responsibility of the professional and is essential to maintain and increase competence in job functions, we utilize rsvpBOOK to manage the educational records of thousands of employee/learners.

rsvpBOOK has been invaluable in enabling the Education Department to seamlessly manage the registration and reporting of employee learners in their continuing education courses.

– Donna Walton, St. Joseph’s Healthcare System


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How Online Event Registration for Hospital Training Can Add Hours to Your Day


Would you like to add more time to your day? Employees changing their registrations, classroom size restrictions, class time updates and other issues require a great deal of time and energy to manage and execute. The expenditure of time and energy falls on you, the training manager, and your assistants. For you, extra time is like a dream come true.

Overworked staff is a reality for many training divisions. Time is a priceless commodity. Online event registration for hospital training is your much-needed assistant taking care of a multitude of tedious tasks to free you to focus on the training itself.

Think of the hours you or your staff spend creating databases, drafting e-mails, and making phone calls. You work long hours, stay up late, and deplete your energy. Your schedule is tight and exhausting. rsvpBook will add hours to your day. Doing the registration work for you will ease the burden on you and your staff.

Delegation is a tool that has long been used by executives to create more time in their day. The genius of delegation is assessing which tasks must be done by a specific person and which tasks can be passed along to someone else. Delegation distributes tasks so that each person can focus his or her energy where it is most needed. Delegating responsibility is a powerful way to create time and energy for a busy training manager and his or her assistants. Delegate your registration process and try rsvpBOOK for your next training event.


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Simplify Registration with Online Event Registration for Non-Profits


With people’s dependency on technology growing, it is important and helpful for your non-profit organization to accommodate your supporters. When hosting an event, online registration is the way to go for a simple registration experience for attendees, as well as for those planning the event. is the place to go for online event registration for non-profits.

We understand the needs of non-profits and offer a service that makes registration simple. As a non-profit, you can create a custom invitation and registration. When people inquire about your event, you will be able to direct them to a customized registration website. You can have that website linked to your existing webpage, post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Then those wanting to sign up for your event are just a few clicks away from registering and being able to pay for the event.

A few additional features that help those planning the event are custom reports, name badges, and automatic alerts created by You can create as many reports as you need to help organize your attendee data. These reports can be share with third-parties as well. also makes it easy for you to create name badges for those who register. And lastly, you can choose to receive alerts via email or text to give you attendee counts, let you know when people register, and more.

Non-profits that use the services of benefit from all these features and simplify the registration process for both the attendees and the organization. For more information on how we can help you too, sign up today for a free account.


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Remove the Headache of Non-Profit Event Management


As the event coordinator for a non-profit, you know how much it takes to pull off an event. From the big details, like choosing a venue and a caterer, to the tiniest details, like linens and place cards, you have to make sure each one is covered. One area that can relieve a little pressure is using the innovative for your non-profit event management.

If you aren’t familiar with, we are a software that streamlines invitations, registration, RSVPs, and communication surrounding an event. For non-profits, this is a key service, because non-profits thrive on the support of the community. And a large part of that support comes from fundraising events. Of course non-profits also host a number of other events can be equally helpful with.

How exactly can help you manage your event? We make it easy for you to create an event invitation that includes your branding. You can create table assignments and have different registrations, like group or individual registrations. Then throughout the registration process you use to contact your registrants with any additional information you want to provide. And afterwards, you can send surveys to the attendees to get a pulse on the success of your event. Perhaps of most importance to you, allows people to pay online, securely.

All of these services make the registration process much more simple for you, the event planner. We also have a discounted rate for non-profits because we know you want to spend your money on the things that really matter to your organization. For more information on how we can help with your next event, sign up today.

Plan A Family Friendly Event Using Event Planning Software


If you are a non-profit organization, there is a good chance that a lot of your organization’s budget is based on a handful of fundraising events throughout the year. The more successful and popular your fundraisers are, the more flexibility your organization will have to expand the services they offer to the community and make a bigger impact.

One important strategy for maximizing your fundraising capabilities is to evaluate your fundraising events as a group. When you think about the major fundraisers you plan, does each event offer something different and unique, or do all your events target the same audience while striking the same tone?

If all of your events are formal parties, try expanding your reach by planning a family friendly event that is more casual. Some donors really enjoy having an event they can bring their kids to, because it saves them from trying to find a babysitter, and it allows them to spend quality time with their children, while supporting a great cause.

Many organizations have a lot of luck with carnival style events, where families purchase tickets to play games for small prizes. A carnival event can be combined with a live or silent auction that can raise a lot of money.

You can simplify the planning process by using event planner software that helps you send out invitations, take online payments for tickets, encourages your guests to share the event to their social media pages, and offers an efficient solution for gathering guest feedback once the event is over.

To learn more about event planning software, please create a trial account today. We’d love to help you plan the most successful events possible.