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Acquire and Share Highly Valuable Details with Event Planner Software


Organizing events for a nonprofit organization requires quite a bit of work, especially when you want to use these events as a means to acquire information that can better the organization. Using event planner software makes it easy to gather and share the data that you are looking to gain from your guests.


It is possible to create questionnaires for your events and then download the results right afterwards. When you need to report to others with the information that you have received, planning software allows you to distribute the questionnaire results to these individuals with ease. Also, this responsibility is best to handle over software that allows you to make the reports password-protected if need be.

Event Data

Each nonprofit event is an opportunity to gather new data. In most situations, you can take this information to improve future events to either increase attendance or acquire more donations.


When you create the registration page, you are able to customize the questions that you ask. Distributing this information is often essential for creating an event that meets everyone’s needs.

Safe and Secure

Although it is ideal to take the data that you obtain from using event planner software and save it on your own, you do not have to worry about losing the data as it is routinely backed up.

Gathering information is a huge part of organizing nonprofit events and having successful turnouts. It is easy to improve each following event when you are able to use highly valuable data.

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Customize a Professional Template for Online Event Registration for Non-Profits


Organizing events for a non-profit organization is an important role because these events often dictate how much funding the organization receives, which can greatly affect their ability to accomplish their primary goals. If you want to make it easier for your events to be successful, you should consider online event registration for non profits. Not only does it come with a professional template, but it can be customized to meet your needs.

Start with a High-Quality Template

The important part is that you start with something of professional-quality. With a template like this, you can feel confident that the adjustments you do make will not alter the quality of the template in a negative way.

Make the Template Your Own

Modify the template to match your event’s content and appearance needs. Modified templates can be copied and reused many times.

Pay for Professional Customization

If you are not comfortable with your customization skills, you can take advantage of professional customization services, which will guarantee that you end up with event registration pages that meet or exceed your expectations. It is important to understand that almost every part of the process is customizable, including the registration website, email messages, splash page, or custom reports that are sent to you afterwards.

Although you might find templates that naturally meet your needs, you should feel better about investing in event planning software when you know that you have multiple options for customization.

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Planning Your Next Event With Online Event Management


October is here and with it comes a variety of fall festivals, parties, and many holidays in the upcoming months. Whether you’re setting up your next celebration for Halloween or you’re taking part in one of the many charity events this time of year, it’s time you considered online event management to help you plan the best party you can. Utilizing this tip list and the services provided by rsvpBOOK, you’re sure to have a successful celebration.

When you’re planning your event, there’s a few things to keep in mind. This checklist will help you know where you’re at and where you need to go.

Budget Planning – Do you have a set budget in mind? If not, now is the time to do so. You must have a budget in mind before you start the event planning process. Set your budget up at least two months ahead of your event, longer if possible. Monitor the amount your spending so you can make sure your event comes off without a hitch.

Event Activities – Decide what activities you want hosted at the event you’re planning. Do you want games for the kids or will there be an open bar for the adults? Will you need prizes for certain competitions you have on the day of the event? Knowing what you want ahead of time makes planning and organizing the event easier.

Online Registration – Using the rsvpBOOK program to manage your event means you can have online registration for your guests. Accept credit card payments online, check out how many guests have already responded, and create reports for you to quickly glance at during your planning. You’re also able to easily send out email invites to your contact list and see who has checked their invitations.

Other Factors – Don’t forget to have your location reserved in advance as many of the popular locations stay booked. Get yourself a planning committee to help lighten the load on your duties as event coordinator. Be sure to check on any permits you might need through your community. If you’re serving food you might need a food service permit.

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Using Event Planner Software Ensures the Success of Your Special Event


So you are assigned the task of spearheading your groups next holiday event or your company’s corporate gathering. You will no doubt take your personal talent as a great host or party organizer for friends and family, to the next level. This is your opportunity to shine!

It will be helpful to understand that organizing a larger group with very specific requirements will be considerably more demanding. As you tackle all the tasks and details of the event, you soon learn the better organized you are, the smoother your plans will go.

As an event manager, your main objective is to provide all that your organization needs to pull off a stunningly successful event – and to do it without any faux-pas. Using event planner software, your task is simplified by having a single home all your event information. Here are highlights of what this software offers to save time and anxiety associated with managing events.

  • Customizable event portal where you create your landing page with built-in, easy to use themes that reflect the style and look which best represent your organization’s brand. Unlimited multi-page ability to include hotel information, agenda, maps and directions, speaker information and more.
  • Class and workshop registration built-in software which tracks attendees, maximum number of attendees, collection of fees, automatic upgrade from waiting list to available list are just a few of the functions included.
  • Group/Table registration allows attendants to register as a group and sit at the same table without hassle. Easily assigns group discounts and sends email confirmations.
  • Online payment processing provides a secure, PCI compliant, gateway to your PayPal account. Selling cut-off dates, VIP and promotional sales, and early-bird discounts are easily handled with event planning software. Sales reports will allow you to see your progress and profits easily.
  • Registrant Survey captures useful feedback for your organization. Standard forms or customizable templates are available.

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Let Online Event Registration Contribute to the Success of Your Next Non-Profit Event


Planning a non-profit event necessitates using time wisely. One great contribution to effective time management is online event registration. Consider just a few reasons why:

  • Online registration takes away the need for personnel to manually transfer information. After paper and email registration, the registrants’ information is usually typed into a database to ensure everything is in one file. Online event registration captures registrants’ information from the source and you don’t need to retype it. This reduces possible data entry errors since the information goes directly from the person into the system. Registrants can receive email confirmation.
  • There’s no need to spend time on the phone taking payments. Registrants enter own their credit card information quickly and securely. This also reduces possible errors entering long credit card numbers.
  • All the information is at your fingertips and you can arrange it into custom reports as needed. This is a useful way to analyze demographics and review sales summaries. Additionally, you can easily send the reports to other members of your organization.
  • Since all of the information is already in the system, you can use it to create badges and certificates for your event. Our services include these options.
  • When you’re ready to plan future events, you can use the information to generate mailing lists based on interests or past activities. You can save hours of time that you would’ve spent sifting through mounds of information.
  • You can easily manage follow-up with attendees with post-event surveys or other information.

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