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5 Plus Ideas to Have Some Hashtags with Your Event

5 Plus Ideas to Have Some Hash(tags) with Your Event

Many years ago when my day job was the event manager at a national non-profit, I first encountered the prefix “#” before a word and thought it was a typo.  OK, I am from a different generation which did not grow up with the vast array of social media options which are so popular today.   It was a much different time and I was a much different event manager and the ubiquitous hashtag was not the powerful event marketing tool it has become today.

So I learned and became effective with using the hashtag when marketing my organization’s events.  A few experiences and pointers I want to pass on – perhaps not new but they do bear repeating especially when you’re rushed for time and thinking about a great event hashtag may stymie your creative juices.  These tips may help you be better focused.

Here are some key features to consider in your event planning to create a great event hashtag.

Make it Unique

Believe it or not, this can be more difficult than you think.  There are tons of events going on so coming up with something unique takes a bit of effort.  However, it’s important to pick a hashtag that isn’t being used at the same time as the one you want to use.  Do a search to see if your hashtag is currently being used.  Also do not use one that may be easily confused with another event or purpose.

Some of my first attempts at “being unique”  failed when I used what I thought was a catchy phrase then found out several other organizations thought they, too, were being clever.  Back to the drawing board I went…several times before I found something that fit this feature of uniqueness.

Make it Concise…but Clear

We all need to be concise with our hashtags, especially when running up against character constraints such as those on Twitter.  I read that the perfect hashtag counts only 8 characters or less.  In my brain, that was always too difficult but I did try…succeeded rarely.  However, the point to remember is don’t be so concise that a person will have difficulty deciphering what you’re saying or the name of the event.  A little more length is more important than brevity if you want potential attendees and their friends on social media to understand immediately what your event is all about.  And, of course, attend!

Make it Memorable

Create your hashtag so it sticks in people’s memory!  If potential attendees can’t remember it, the hashtag can be quite useless and you’ve lost all marketing potential with it.  How can you make it memorable?  Make sure it’s understandable, make sure it makes sense, make sure it’s relevant to your event or purpose.  Jumbled abbreviations, words that don’t relate to your event or purpose will only confuse and frustrate and turn potential attendees away scratching their heads.  Avoid them or attendees will avoid you and your event.

Watch out for Negative Connotations

Has this happened to you?  It almost happened to me and I have seen it happen to others.  If your hashtag can be interpreted in another negative way or contains bad implications or associations, toss it fast.  Not good. Not funny.  Don’t go there.  A potential career buster.  Check and check again. Have another set of eyes check too.  You want the marketing campaign for your event to be remembered the right way.

Be Creative

Here’s where bringing all this together and letting your imagination run wild comes in. You and your team might check other successful examples of great event hashtags to inspire you to reach your creative heights.  Brainstorm about what you see, create hashtags, then tick off all the boxes – unique, concise but clear, catchy, easy to remember, no bad associations. Which one has all these features and works for achieving your event marketing goal?  You got it!

Give Me Examples You Scream!

OK I will.  Each year the Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois holds its outdoor food fest block party for its residents…and then some.  Called the Taste of Arlington Heights, the event has been a huge regional success.  Every year the block party hashtag changes #AHTaste2014, #AHTaste2015, #AHTaste 2016.  All perfectly simple, short, recognizable and predictable for block party fans.  Adding the year to the hashtag is an easy way to make it unique.

Using Hashtags on Twitter for a Community Summer Block Party
From the case studies file of Tweet Beam ( is the example of the popular soda, Mountain Dew.  The “green” soda used #DewGreenScreen for their Dew Green Screen campaign, a series of exclusive movie premieres in the United Kingdom.  The hashtag was catchy, unique, memorable, and although not real concise, it was very clear.  Effective? Yes!  The engagement of Mountain Dew fans turned #DewGreenScreen into a trending topic on Twitter.

Mountain Dew's effective use of a hashtag for its #dewgreenscreen event

Time to Launch!

You got this far, so make it happen as a marketing tool.  What can you do to make the most of your event hashtag?

Make it Your Brand

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms, use the same hashtag for all content related to your event to create a branded hashtag for your event.  Using a branded hashtag will be easier for other to follow activities around your event.  It also provides you a clear way to track social activity across all social platforms you are using.  Consistency is key for successful marketing!

Be Promotional

Don’t limit the use of your event hashtag to just social media platforms!  Use it on your posters, signage, presentations, news releases, and website.  Make it part of your everyday conversation.  Encourage speakers, sponsors and attendees to use the hashtag for their own social activity before, during and after your event.  And about your employees… your greatest advocates are sitting right next to you… or down the hall.

Keep Track

No matter how you may try, there will be people who will add their own personal twist to your hashtag and brand your event slightly differently.  Monitor this activity and all hashtags that refer to your event so you can keep up with what is being said about the event on social channels.

Also one of the great advantages of using hashtags is that you get to see exactly who was talking about your event and what they were saying. Use both quantitative and qualitative analysis of your hashtag to learn more about your event. How many people tweeted? What did people like? What really bugged them? You should also be keeping a close on the hashtag before, during and after the event itself so that you can quickly respond to questions or comments.

So stop and take the time to plan a hashtag strategy before your event takes off and you’ll have a much stronger and effective social media campaign.  Hashtags tie us together across a range of social media platforms which makes them an invaluable marketing opportunity for event professionals hoping to spread the word about their events.

rsvpBOOK and Social Media Tools for Your Event

At rsvpBOOK our Social Media Network tool can assist you when you’re ready to get the word on social media out about your event.  We’re here to let you work smarter, not harder in your event planning and marketing. So when you’re ready, check us out at www.rsvpBOOK and try a free trial of our online event registration and management software.

With social media as the major conduit of information for just about everything, spending the time and energy to come up with an event hashtag is imperative.  It can be the difference between a mediocre (maybe a flop?) event and one that knocks attendees’ socks off and have them crying for a repeat.


How Event Management Software Helps You Sell Your Event Tickets

How Event Management Software Helps You Sell Your Event Tickets


Event management software enables you to manage multiple events quickly and efficiently. The software is easy to use and gives an overview of all activities related to your events. You can use it to input event details, communicate with participants, create reports and much more. One of the benefits of event management software is the ability to sell tickets from your event registration page.

How Can Event Management Software Help To Sell Your Event Tickets?

The software can be used to quickly setup an event registration page in which people can register and purchase tickets. The entire process of registering and purchasing ticket(s) can be completed in minutes. Using pen and paper event management requires you to employ a staff to manually process registrations and ticket payments. There can be errors when processing the information manually and the potential to lose information which results in problems with attendees and ticket sales. These problems are mitigated with a good Event Registration Software & Management tool because it automates the registration and ticketing process thus saving time and money. The payments are processed using credit cards which allows registrants to purchase tickets at their convenience. You can also go paperless by giving registrants a ticket number or including a Bar-code/QR in the confirmation email that can be scanned from their smart phone. All these features make the ticket processing easy which motivates people to buy tickets through the event registration page. The software not only offers an easy event registration page and secure payment processing but includes options for automatic discounts, group discounts, discount codes, and asking lodging and travel information.

Event Registration Software & Management can be used to easily market any event that you are managing. It can be integrated with social media sites so that your event page can be accessed by registrants through Facebook, Twitter, etc. This opens up opportunities for more ticket sales as more people know of the event registration page from these sites. You can use email marketing with the software. Email marketing is a very effective means of spreading information about an event and you can send out emails fast using the software’s email features. By making use of event registration software you can impress people with a smooth event registration page and increase ticket sales.


Check-boxes or Radio Buttons?

Check-boxes or Radio Buttons?


How do you choose between check-boxes and radio buttons? One is square and the other is round; which fits your event registration website? There is more to choosing than just looks or your favorite shape. Choosing the right option will decrease confusion for your registrants and increase the accuracy of your session selections.

Check-boxes in a group of sessions allow 1 or more to be selected while Radio Buttons allow only 1 selection.


  1. If you have sessions that occur on different dates OR at different times, then you will want to place them together in the same group AND use check-box selection – allows more than 1 to be selected .
  2. If you have more than one session that begins at the same time, then you will want to place them together in the same group AND use radio button selection.

How do I decide how to Group my Sessions?

Grouping your sessions correctly is the key to insuring that your registrants are not confused by the selection options. A couple of general rules:

  1. If you have sessions that start at the same time, make it impossible to register for more than one session – put all of these sessions in one group.
  2. If you have sessions that start at different AND non-overlapping times, then you will want to make it easy to pick as many as sessions as they want – put all of these sessions in one group.


  1. There cannot be check-boxes AND radio buttons in the same group.
  2. If you require attendance at a session, then this session should not be in a radio button group with other sessions.
  3. You can require attendance at the session level; however, …
  4. Do not place 2 sessions, each requiring attendance, in a group with radio buttons


Are you asking questions on your registration page?

Are you asking questions on your  registration page?

If you’re organizing an event—like a conference, a fundraiser, a training seminar, or a professional event— asking the right questions is critical and can determine the success of your event.  With an online registration tool like, you can ask the important questions to registrants easily. Not only will you save time but your guest will love providing all pertinent information before the event.

Lets face it, you will need the information in order to increase your chances of having a successful event.

What are good questions for event registration?

Some people are unaware of the types of questions that are useful when managing your event. Capturing useful information from your registrants can substantially affect the quality of your event management tasks.

These questions are intended to give you ideas about what questions can be useful to you.


Benefits of using to ask questions

  • Capture additional registrant information using  customized questions you create
  • Use conditional logic to display different questions based on specific responses
  • Use conditional logic to display Sessions and/or Sales Items based on question responses; can be used to display different sessions and sales items to different registrant types, for example guests, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Design your question responses using text fields, radio buttons, check-boxes, and drop-down menus
  • Show different questions for each registrant type
  • Organize and display your questions using section headings
  • Specify whether or not responses are required or optional
  • Easily export question responses to any spreadsheet program using our standard reports
  • View responses by question or by registrant
  • View and download attendee responses, easily filter by any specific question, such as arrival time, meal preferences, lodging arrangements
  • Use our standard reports or create custom reports to meet your specific needs.
  • Easily share question responses with vendors and include only the information they need. All reports are accurate in real time; send to the caterer, the hotel, the shuttle company, colleagues and managers


Event Management Software Can Make Your Event a Success

Event Management Software Can Make Your Event a Success


In event planning the devil is in the details and event planners must track and manage a myriad of detail. Registration detail, session details, special events, all bring with them their own set of information that must be tracked.

In the past that data was managed on paper, then some event detail could be managed by spreadsheets, but today much of the data can be tracked using event management software.

Event management software makes it easier to enter data, track data, manipulate data and create reports. Good event management software makes it easier on management, event planners and attendees to find important information quickly.

Here is a short list of some of the ways event management software helps manage event details.

  • Online event registration. Most event management software helps the event planner easily create event registration websites. These websites provide an invaluable service in helping attendees register and pay to attendee the event. Self-registration reduces event costs and reduces data entry mistakes.
  • Session Management. Many events have multiple sessions and more sessions requires increased data management. Event planners must track session times, dates, locations and attendees as well as speaker data. Using event management software makes the process of creating, managing and publishing events easier for all.
  • Event Reporting. Reporting is the key to success. Understanding the number of registrants, session attendance, event feedback all provides valuable information to planners and management. Event management software has both standard and custom reporting systems, making the process of reporting much easier.

This is a very small list of the data that is managed by event management software but event this small set can make event management easier.

Event management software is a valuable tool for event planners. The software helps manage event data and provides an easier way for event management, planners and attendees to get valuable event information quickly.

 Discover how rsvpBOOK helps make managing your event easier.