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Non Profit Discount

Non Profit Hands

We understand that non-profits have unique needs.


Non Profit Discount

We offer tools to fit your specific needs, a non-profit discount and support your volunteers every year as they manage all of your events. In addition to our standard set of event registration tools, we offer special, unique tools to fit your donation and volunteer capture needs.


Specific Tools


    • Banquet Table Wizard – setup tables: sell tables and seats
    • Set up Table Captains so that they can manage their own registrants
    • Assign registrants to tables Move registrants from one table to another
    • Assign Table Labels – such as a number, a name or even a table code
    • Set up Table Types – such as VIP, Attendee, Member, Non-member, Faculty, Staff, etc
    • Set up your own prompt verbiage – the prompts lead your registrant through the process
    • Email Marketing – tools to send email messages to various groups, such as: registrants for a certain table type, registrants filtered on a donation amount, etc.
    • Event and Session Attendance tracking – for long term fund-raising efforts


Benefit of using rsvpBOOK


Our feature-rich event management software can boost your attendance while reducing your workload.

Imagine you have to plan and execute a huge conference for your company or organization and you are feeling overwhelmed. You don’t know where to start because there are so many things that you need to accomplish. You should start with rsvpBOOK! We can save you time and allow you to focus on what really matters — your event’s details!

rsvpBOOK’s event management software is made to make your life easier. By capturing your registrant information online, you get back the time to actually work on your event. It is easy to use and requires no special training.
Email your 501(c)3 to support AFTER creating your event to receive Non Profit Discount


Spice up your holiday party with these 3 ideas!

Spice up your holiday party with these 3 ideas! 


The best ideas for holiday work parties are the ones that make people laugh and smile. Be creative and don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers to participate. You might be surprised at what you can do with a little creativity!


Spice up Holiday Party

Gag Gifts

It is much easier to give funny gifts than traditional presents when you are working with a variety of personalities. Popular ideas for gag gifting include finding the worst gift under $5, or having a mystery draw of wrapped gifts where only a few items are actually worth keeping. Just be sure to keep it clean or Monday morning will be awkward!


Best Dessert Contest

Normally, I do not recommend asking guests to bring food because it can be disorganized, but a homemade dessert table typically works well for everyone. You should add a few basic guidelines like a registration form to insure you get a variety and enough dessert for everyone to participate in judging. Another way to build the excitement is to add different categories. My favorite category is most unusual ingredient used (be careful, this one could lead to a couple disgusting desserts).


Around the World Cuisine

Spice up your food selections by featuring a menu with food from around the world. The most common choices are Mexican, Italian and Asian foods, but don’t forget about traditional Christmas cuisine from places like Costa Rica, Trinidad, Spain and Germany. You can find delicious recipes and ideas online and pass on to the catering company/chef.


Migrating from paper registration to online registration?

Event Bubble GuyCustomers often ask why they should pay to use online event registration software when they can manage an event using email and spreadsheets for free. Handling registrations through email, telephone or with a spreadsheet works, but online event registration can pay for itself overnight by eliminating paperwork processing and tedium while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

The real question is, what do you get when using online event registration?

The real answer is, your registrants fill out the forms. You do not have to enter any registrant  data at all. There are no email responses to transcribe into your spreadsheets. You just manage the data that you collect on the registration forms … which is far easier than a paper system.

You have easy access to all of the information you need about your registrants: registration rosters, sales reports, survey response breakdowns. All of your registrant data is at your fingertips and available with a click or two.

With online registration you can create a stunning registration website using the easy-to-use-tools that add your custom text, colors, images and videos. You can also set up multiple website pages. Spruce up your marketing efforts with reminders, post-event surveys, email analytics and personal invitations. Email analytics provides date/time stamps indicating when your message was opened and when it received a response.

If you need to display different sessions, sales items and event information for different types of event attendees, you can do so using registrant types. The sales wizard enables selling tickets to your event, workshops, classes, and webinars. Set start/stop selling dates, set up promo codes and discounts, set up taxable and non-taxable items, set minimum and maximum ticket purchases. By inviting your guest to register for your event online you can accept both group and individual registrations. Set up group discounts, such as register 4, get the 5th for free. Additionally, you gain the ability to have group codes which can be public or private; one person can pay for the entire group in one transaction, each group can pay for themselves or a combination of both options.

The session wizard not only adds sessions, but also multiple classes, workshops and meetings for marketing conventions, trade shows and break out sessions. Set maximum seats, wait-listing with notification, send separate reminders and post-event surveys, move registrants from one session to another with email notification. The questionnaire wizard creates both simple and complex questionnaires. All response types are selectable. Choose from radio buttons, check-boxes, drop-down lists, text and text area fields. Using conditional logic, you can display additional questions if certain responses are chosen and display sessions based on a response to a question.

Online event registration allows you to:

  • Quickly send email invitations from your event dashboard
  • Collect custom registrant information in minutes
  • Securely capture credit card payments online
  • Easily build and share custom reports with colleagues
  • Pull session attendee rosters
  • Easily build name badges and certificates
  • Collect feedback from event attendees using Post Event Surveys

Leveraging Email Marketing to Drive Event Registrations

Email Marketing Letter Picture

Organizations who invest the time to build a sizable email marketing listserv have incredible power at their fingertips. With the right strategy, these lists can be leveraged to drive a large amount of event registrations.

Before the Event
Rather than sending many emails directly marketing your events, create more dynamic content that will engage your readers and simultaneously generate interest. Here are some topics that you can write about pre-event to drive signups.

  • Share profiles of your speakers. This will allow potential attendees to connect on a deeper level with your event content and will encourage them to sign up.
  • Share articles and news stories that are related to your event content. Though the articles may not be directly related to your event, intriguing people with similar content will allow them to get a sense of what they will experience.
  • Tease your potential attendees with giveaways, raffles and exclusive information that they will receive.
  • Engage your current registrants with ways to connect with each other. Rather than focusing on more marketing, once someone has registered for your event, share Twitter lists or online communities where they can connect with fellow attendees.

During the Event
If your event takes place over several days, you can keep your audience engaged using email marketing during the event. Share recaps of the day, success stories from fellow attendees and sneak peeks at content that will be shared in the following days. The main goal is to keep your attendees engaged regularly.

For those events involving many different workshops or classes, you can send surveys to attendees of particular sessions during the event, while the session is still in their mind. Often times, this approach works better than sending the survey at the end of the event and forcing attendees to remember one workshop experience in a plethora of engagements over the course of a multi-day event. You can focus in on a few keynote or innovative sessions for this approach to get quick feedback.

After the Event
Many event organizers forget about the importance of their email marketing list after the event is over, but it is very important to keep people’s attention in the days and weeks following a successful meeting. Email them a link to the pictures and videos that help them relive their experience. Share success stories of people who made great connections or learned from the content.

Once the event is over, you will need to use the email marketing list to direct your attendee’s attention to other sources where they will stay engaged. This could include your blog, website or other social media links.

Of course, you can also solicit their feedback using surveys that you send via your email marketing list. These surveys can be sent to segments of your attendee population and even leverage the power of conditional formatting, where you can ask a specific set of questions to an attendee, based on their answer to one question. For example, you can ask whether a person attended a particular session and then only ask them feedback questions about that session if their response is “yes”.

rsvpBOOK Email Marketing Integrations
If you are using a powerful online registration system like rsvpBOOK, there are several ways that you can use the product to better manage the surveys and emails you want to run for your next event.

When you are communicating to your audience, you know that the best way to receive a response is to personalize your message to them. Using rsvpBOOK, you can send personalized email invitations, reminders and custom messages to your attendees. Doing this through the system rather than through your email client makes this a more seamless process.

You can even control the emails to look like they come from your email address and direct all responses to your email address using the Outbound Email Tool. In the Outbound Mail Server Control Panel, you can send all of your email messages through your company’s mail server, saving you from most firewall issues that may occur in a corporate email environment.

While you may know when you want to send your email blast, you may not always be available to put it together and send it at that moment. Using rsvpBOOK’s email wizard, you can put together your customized email blast and schedule it to be sent at a time in the future. Or, of course, you can send immediately.

We know that attendees often forget to register or register at the last minute. Using email marketing within rsvpBOOK, you are able to remind your attendees who have not already registered, and even incentivize them with a discount or promotion. Rather than having to manually track who has registered and who has not, rsvpBOOK handles all of those logistics for you and helps you focus on the content of your messages that will get people to register.

Add Depth to Confirmation Emails
Most planners send their attendees a confirmation email prior to the event, but many do not have the ability to include downloadable files. rsvpBOOK allows you to add downloadable files such as floor plans, speaker bios, driving directions and more to your attendees, even those who declined to register. You can also use their email tool to send reminders about specific sessions or workshops that they attended.

Send Surveys to a Subsection
While conditional formatting is a feature of rsvpBOOK, you may also decide to send a survey to sections of your list such as attendees, those who did not show, those who did not register, or those who attended a particular session or workshop. This allows you to create very targeted surveys that will help you improve your future events and collect meaningful information from your attendees.


Advantages of Cloud Based Event Management Software

Cloud Event Management Software

The buzz these days is about ‘the cloud’. Data is stored in ‘the cloud’. My application runs in ‘the cloud’. But what is ‘the cloud’ and why should I choose cloud based event management software.

Increases in Internet connectivity and bandwidth, has made it easier and more practical to store and manipulate data in ‘the cloud’.

Cloud based event management software makes it easier for attendees to register for your event and for managers to get event  information quickly.

Here are some advantages of cloud based event management software.

Information Available Everywhere

Cloud based event management software makes the process of entering, accessing and tracking data easier. Because the software is in ‘the cloud’, attendees can use that software to learn details about the event, register and pay to attend your event. Because that data is in ‘the cloud’, event managers and planners can access that data and can get accurate information about all aspects of the events. Managers can easily determine the number of  registrants, how many have paid and what sessions are popular, all of this information is available to event planners before, during and after the event.

Easier Event Marketing

Event planners can easily create an event website and use the event website address in all of their online and offline marketing.

Also, cloud based software makes it easier to use social media and other online marketing tools to market the event. Since social media software is located in ‘the cloud’, using cloud based event management makes social media marketing easier. The event software can post to event social media accounts as well as collect the social media accounts of event registrants.

Repeat Events Are Easier

Because all of the data is in’ the cloud’, creating, marketing and managing repeat events is easier. Because event attendee’s data is in the cloud, you can use that data to analyze the success of the event as well as to market upcoming events. Because session data and surveys are in the cloud, you can use that data to analyze session success.

Easier Event Management

There are good reasons why ‘the cloud’ is the buzz and cloud based event management software makes the process of creating successful events easier as well.