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Advantages of Cloud Based Event Management Software

Cloud Event Management Software

The buzz these days is about ‘the cloud’. Data is stored in ‘the cloud’. My application runs in ‘the cloud’. But what is ‘the cloud’ and why should I choose cloud based event management software.

Increases in Internet connectivity and bandwidth, has made it easier and more practical to store and manipulate data in ‘the cloud’.

Cloud based event management software makes it easier for attendees to register for your event and for managers to get event  information quickly.

Here are some advantages of cloud based event management software.

Information Available Everywhere

Cloud based event management software makes the process of entering, accessing and tracking data easier. Because the software is in ‘the cloud’, attendees can use that software to learn details about the event, register and pay to attend your event. Because that data is in ‘the cloud’, event managers and planners can access that data and can get accurate information about all aspects of the events. Managers can easily determine the number of  registrants, how many have paid and what sessions are popular, all of this information is available to event planners before, during and after the event.

Easier Event Marketing

Event planners can easily create an event website and use the event website address in all of their online and offline marketing.

Also, cloud based software makes it easier to use social media and other online marketing tools to market the event. Since social media software is located in ‘the cloud’, using cloud based event management makes social media marketing easier. The event software can post to event social media accounts as well as collect the social media accounts of event registrants.

Repeat Events Are Easier

Because all of the data is in’ the cloud’, creating, marketing and managing repeat events is easier. Because event attendee’s data is in the cloud, you can use that data to analyze the success of the event as well as to market upcoming events. Because session data and surveys are in the cloud, you can use that data to analyze session success.

Easier Event Management

There are good reasons why ‘the cloud’ is the buzz and cloud based event management software makes the process of creating successful events easier as well.


Can you explain merchant processing?

credit cards

Can you explain merchant processing?  In order to accept payments via credit/debit cards for your event, a merchant account needs to be set up with a merchant processor. Supported processors include:, PaySelect, DataTrans, LinkPoint, CyberSource, Moneris, PayPal PayFlow and Elavon. Each merchant processor has different rates and terms of service. Before establishing a merchant account, you should research each processing company to determine if they are a good fit for your needs and you understand their rate structure.

Most merchant processors will charge a percentage of your transaction amounts (sales), a per transaction fee or a combination of both plus batch fees, monthly minimums, refund and charge-back fees. If your event is outside of the continental U.S., Hawaii or Alaska, ensure that you ask the merchant processor if they allow transactions from that country/state and what currencies they will accept. Once a merchant account is set up, will connect your merchant account to your rsvpBOOK member account. The payment gateway is a link between the registration page and the merchant account. Setting up the payment gateway has to be done by rsvpBOOK’s IT security manager. Once the gateway is established, all monies generated from sales on your registration page are deposited into your bank account directly.

The possible ways of using rsvpBOOK are endless. The system can be used for everything from a company picnic, awards dinner, employee appreciation trip to Cancun, annual conference, and registering for training/classes. Over the years we have seen creative uses of the system that include booking clowns for birthday parties, guided tours to Jerusalem, weekly webinars, movie premiers, fantasy football drafts, and block parties. You can use rsvpBOOK to conduct online registrations for virtually any type of event.