Somerset POP Center Training

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet's Department of Workplace Standards, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training is providing FREE OSHA training to employers and employees in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Date 03/24/2014 to 03/27/2014  
Time 8:30 am EST to 4:30 pm EST
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1047 US 127 S Ste 4
Frankfort, KY 40601
United States
1 (502) 564-4100
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Where The Center for Rural Development
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Somerset Classes

Available seats: 78
  Speaker: Deron Thompson
  Date: 03/24/2014            Time: 08:30 am EST to 11:30 am EST

This session discusses the obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace, free from recognized hazards.  Topics of discussion include the operations of the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program, including enforcement and voluntary compliance services, and safety and health topics currently being considered for future standards and policies.

Available seats: 84
  Speaker: Chad Drennan
  Date: 03/24/2014            Time: 01:00 pm EST to 04:00 pm EST

This session is designed to increase attendees’ knowledge of spray areas and spray booths.  It will include the application of the OSHA spray finishing regulation, 29 CFR 1910.107.  This course will also discuss the National Fire Protection Association document, NFPA 33, the national consensus standard for spray finishing.  Topics will includes:  design, cleaning, electrical, conveyors, piping systems, ventilation, chemical use and storage and other hazards in and around spray areas and booths. 

Available seats: 72
  Speaker: John Clabaugh
  Date: 03/25/2014            Time: 08:30 am EST to 11:30 am EST

This session covers the basic requirements of 1910.178.  Attendees will learn about the basic aspects of powered industrial trucks (primarily fork lifts), operator training requirements, safe truck operations (including traveling & safety belts), equipment modifications, and associated hazards.  This course will not provide operator certification under 1910.178(L).

Available seats: 72
  Speaker: Aaron Parrish
  Date: 03/25/2014            Time: 01:00 pm EST to 04:00 pm EST

This session covers the elements of 1926.500-503 and associated industry standards. Topics include: requirement to provide a fall protection system, the description and requirements for each fall protection system, and training requirements. Attendees should leave with a basic understanding of KYOSH’s requirements for working at heights on commercial construction sites.  Note:  This course does not cover fall protection requirements for residential construction sites.

Available seats: 70
  Speaker: Chris Vest
  Date: 03/26/2014            Time: 08:30 am EST to 11:30 am EST

This session covers the basic requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1200 and the revised provision of the standard as they relate to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).  Attendees will learn about the revised standard, which will include chemical hazard classification, written program requirements, container labeling and other forms of warning, safety data sheets, and associated phase-in dates for the new requirements under GHS. 

Available seats: 74
  Speaker: Joey Staples
  Date: 03/26/2014            Time: 01:00 pm EST to 04:00 pm EST

This session provides an overview of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as covered under the 29 CFR 1910.132-138 standard.  It is intended for individuals who may be required to use PPE while performing their assigned work duties.  Topics include an explanation of the PPE standards, how to properly use and care for PPE, and the limitations of PPE.  Guidance will also be provided on how to perform the required PPE hazard assessment for each job in the workplace. 

Available seats: 62
  Speaker: Chris Hayes
  Date: 03/27/2014            Time: 08:00 am EST to 12:00 pm EST

This session is for those persons responsible for maintaining the revised injury and illness records.  The forms 300, 301, 300A will be covered. The regulations and guidelines for recordkeeping will be discussed, as well as the compliance directive the Kentucky OSH compliance officer will use to evaluate your records.  A recordkeeping example workshop will be part of the course, time permitting. (Students will receive an OTI certificate for this class)

Available seats: 69
  Speaker: Robin Maples
  Date: 03/27/2014            Time: 01:00 pm EST to 04:00 pm EST

This session will cover 1910, Subpart E: Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Prevention Plans and Subpart F: Fire Protection.   Participants will learn how to develop and implement effective Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans, as well as maintain exit routes.  Additionally, classification of fires, fire extinguishment methods, fire detection systems, and employee alarm systems will be addressed.
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