Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum
Autism is an overwhelmingly male diagnosis – it has even been described as the "extreme male brain". But why do women only make up one in four of those diagnosed with autism? Are women really less likely to have autism or are they just slipping through the net? Could it be that they are just better than their male counterparts at adapting to social situations or are simply more skilled at pretending not to have autism?
Even after diagnosis, it can often be much harder for women and girls with autism, as many services are not geared up for meeting their needs. They may have few conventionally ‘feminine’ interests and are at a much higher risk of getting into a pattern of behaviour that can cause a cycle of problems, such as self-harm and eating disorders. There can also be huge implications in terms of social communication, relationships and employment.
Our three seminar streams features experts discussing mental health issues, social and relationship challenges, and education and support.
This event is a great opportunity to hear and network with acknowledged experts in the field and to gain a wealth of knowledge, engage in debate and exchange new ideas.

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Date Tuesday 21 November 2017  
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