2013 Oregon Mission of Mercy
November 24-27 in Portland

Presented by the Oregon Dental Association
Welcome to the 2013 OrMOM Volunteer Registration!

Things to know:

  1. The minimum age for volunteers is 16.  If you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian sign this waiver and return it to the ODA.

  2. Each and every volunteer must register individually - no exceptions. You may use the same e-mail address to register more than one individual (dental offices, etc), but each person registered will receive a different confirmation letter, as well as any follow-up emails, at that address. 

  3. Department Leads and ADCF / other state MOM guests: Please choose shifts under the 'OrMOM Leads and ADCF / MOM Guests' section to let us know when you plan to be onsite.  Do not sign up for shifts in your department.  

  4. You will choose where and when you would like to work; please only choose one job for the shift(s) you are available. Checking a box indicates that you will actually work the shift, not that you are willing, interested, or qualified to work it.  The registration system will allow you to sign up for unlimited shifts, so please be careful not to sign up for overlapping shifts.

  1. Your job preferences cannot be guaranteed but will be followed as closely as possible. Each shift has a maximum number of spaces. Shifts will fill on a first come, first served basis.  If we change anything with your schedule, we'll send you an electronic notice of the change. 

  2. Anyone can sign up for a shift in the 'Community' category.  Please do not register for a task for which you are not qualified.  We will be double-checking everyone and will move unqualified applicants to a more appropriate position, as necessary.

  3. If you would like to work as a team (i.e., dentist / assistant, entire office, etc.), just be sure to register for the same shift(s).  We will not pre-assign assistants to dentists, this year; if you are on the same shift, then you can work together.

  4. Once a shift is filled, it is filled. The sooner you register, the more choices for shift times and assignments you will have.

  5. Information, including parking, lodging and other logistical information will be emailed in a series of volunteer newsletters leading up to the clinic.

  6. Make sure to read the Volunteer Agreement

  7. All information regarding your registration (confirmation, shift summary, password, etc) will be emailed to the address provided.  If you must edit your registration, please refer to your confirmation email to obtain your password.  Do not create a duplicate registration.

Please check the OrMOM website if you have general questions. If you need help registering or have specific questions, email

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