AIRMAR together with Gemeco's 2019 Training Event invite you to join us for the ACI Certificatioin class.

The AIRMAR  cerficiation class is designed to build on your expertise and continue to educate you on providing the highest quality installations and enhanced warranty coverage to all AIRMAR customers. 

* Choosing the Right Transducer for Customers Needs and Boat Type  * Best Practices for Installations* Troubleshooting On-Board Issues  * AIRMAR TDT1000 Transducer Diagnostic Testing *AIRMAR's ACI Exclusive 3 Year Extended Warranty

 This 6 hour certification class is designed to educate top technicians on best practices for transducer installation. An extensive portion of the day will be dedicated to the TDT1000 transducer diagnostic tester and how to use it in the field. We'll share insights for increasing diagnostic accuracy with hands-on training aside other fellow technicians. The TDT1000 will be an essential purchase in the future for all ACI's, and the knowledge gained in this course will prove its value to your business every day!

The class will also cover certification benefits, including the exclusive extended warranty coverage of an additional 3rd year on qualifying transducers. Plus, ACI's can receive onboard service reimbursement for any transducer that is still within the 2 year warranty period regardless of who installed it. Certified installers will also be featured on our corporate website, steering business to you from inquiring customers in your area. 

If you are interested in information on attending additional classes at the Gemeco five day technical training, please contact Gemeco at events@gemeco.com.

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Date & Location
  • April 9, 2019  Location To Be Determined
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST 
    All materials and Lunch provided 


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  • Christine Tanguay
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