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The Net Loft Shorebird Workshops: Maryjo Koch

May 6, 7   Wednesday, Thursday   10-4:30 pm   The Net Loft


Learn how to paint the nest of a shorebird such as a Tern. The nest of a Sea Tern is a shallow scrape in sand usually lined with grasses, seaweed, or shells. I will be recreating a Tern’s nest with sand, seaweed, and shells for each student to paint. Then we will add the creamy-buff, yellowish-buff, or greenish slightly glossy eggs marked with spots, specks, and blotches, which we will be painting in gouache.    $170

May 8   Friday   10-4:30 pm   The Net Loft


Have you ever come across a beautiful shell lying on the shore and wish you could paint it? Now you can learn all the techniques you will need to know in order to create a painting in my studio using shells, sand, beach glass, stones, seaweed, feathers, etc.  This is a very fun class to learn lots of different techniques, and a good class for beginners or young artists.   $85

May 9   Saturday   9-11:45 am   The Net Loft


Learn how to paint the feathers of birds such as owls, woodpeckers, wild turkey, water birds, and more. You will learn how to layer on colors to make feathers look soft; how to fringe the edges; and how to recreate the barred texture of the feather's surface. You will also learn how to paint feathers that have iridescence such as the pea fowl, peacock, wild turkey, and pheasant. $45 includes materials.

May 9   Saturday    1-2:30 pm   Forest Service Building, Old Courthouse Room

MARYJO KOCH :   Illustrator, Author & Naturalist  
                                          Speaking Presentation

Maryjo will be speaking at an afternoon public presentation at the courthouse., where she will share stories of her art and life as “The Painter Naturalist”.   She will be conducting a painting demonstration a this time.  All welcome.

May 9  Saturday   3-5 pm    The Net Loft

Book Signing with Maryjo  & Shorebird Crafting Session  

During this time, Maryjo will be available to talk with and sign copies of her books.  Upstairs, come join us for a pleasant  afternoon as you participate in our annual shorebird inspired project compliments of The Net Loft. Preregistration at the shop for crafting session encouraged, but not mandatory.

May 10   Sunday   1-6:30 pm   The Net Loft


Learn how to collage on antique postcards.
Create works of art with stamps, ephemera,scrap art, tissue paper all on small postcards. We will provide the postcards, stamps, some scrap art and ephemera. Learn Maryjo's special techniques. Bring what you would like to add to your creative piece. 
$80 includes all materials