Growing Real Aspiring Science Programs

No cost to attend: sponsored with funding from the Kentucky Department of Education

**Additional dates added for 2nd group**

Join PIMSER for this science learning series led by PIMSER Regional Teacher Partner and Presidential Award Winner Patti Works and PIMSER director Dr. Kim Zeidler-Watters. Participants will receive research-based strategies and examples to share and support K-8 classroom teachers in raising the ceiling of your science classroom practice.
District and school-based K-8 science leaders who want to improve their local science program (grade level lead science teacher; coaches, department heads, district instructional supervisors, and other in instructional leadership roles who support highly effective science teaching and learning).

This series will include two 2.5-hour sessions of virtual, live group learning, and processing and two full-day sessions in-person. *17 hours of EILA or PD credit possible*

Virtual Sessions: 3:30-6:00pm EST
Group 1: May 11 and 18
Group 2: May 10 and 19

Via Microsoft Teams
You must have attended the virtual sessions prior to the in-person sessions. Each session in the series builds on previous sessions.

In-Person Sessions: 8:45am - 3:45pm EST
Group 1: June 20-21
Group 2: June 22-23

CKEC Offices, Lexington

Why should you attend

  • Receive updates on the progress of the KAS for Science review that is currently underway so you can better support your classroom teachers.
  • Take the experiences from each session in this series and use the materials and resources immediately in work with PLCs and groups of teachers to raise the quality of your science program.
  • Explore science improvement problems of practice as a group. Learn strategies to enhance the school or district science programs as students are asked to think and engage in figuring things out in a way that mimics how scientists work.
  • Enhance your confidence in determining next steps aligned with the vision of the KAS for Science that moves instruction forward.
  • Develop a network with others in like roles who are interested in improving their school or district science program.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you attended the Developing Leadership to Support Science Program Improvement series from PIMSER (LSSPI Nov. 21 - Feb. 22), attending this new series will deepen your knowledge and you will take away different resources and materials not received in LSSPI.

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    Virtual Sessions: May 10 and 19, 3:30-6:00pm EST
    In-Person Sessions: June 22-23, 8:45am - 3:45pm EST
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