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By registering, you promise/agree (read the details here):

  • Not to hold the Brevard Nature Alliance (BNA) or the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival liable if you get hurt
  • Give us the right to use any photo WE take of you during the event (photo release)
Registration is as easy as 1-2-3! Open the Registration Instructions for step-by-step directions.
Registration instruction pdf updated 10-18 (note: images may not exactly match the pdf due to screen updates)

Step 1 - Scroll WAY down - choose your registration method (SINGLE or PARTY/GROUP) and create your NEW 2020 SCBWF registration. 

Step 2 - Scroll WAY down - Complete your registration form and select your sessions

    -  PLEASE TAKE NOTE - A registration is created in the system THE FIRST TIME YOU SAVE IT, not before! 

    -  No matter how much you have typed on your screen, it only moves from your screen to the system WHEN YOU SAVE.

    -  To create a NEW registration - enter email, password, first and last name THEN SAVE (now the registration exists)

    -  For a new name to appear in a group list, you must type the password and name AND SAVE.

    -  You may receive an email each time you save. Feel free to delete the “extra” emails.

    -  To COMPLETE your registration, click the "SAVE my edits..." button ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE - this will take you to Step 3 Payment.

    -  If a member of your group is still listed as "Incomplete" after you have paid for them - go into their registration and click the "SAVE my edits..." button all the way at the bottom of the screen. Their status will be changed to ATTENDING and they will receive a registration confirmation email. 

Step 3 - You must select the "SAVE..." button at the BOTTOM of the Step 2 page to reach Step 3. It isn't marked Step 3, but it is a standard Credit Card payment from. You will also receive an emailed link you can use to easily access your registration whenever you wish. You may cancel out of the Credit Card form if you are not yet ready to pay. Your registration will be "Incomplete" until click the "SAVE my edits" button at the bottom of the form.

SCBWF 2020 PRICING Last day for Early Bird pricing is December 8, 2019
 Early Bird 
REGISTRATION TYPE(by 12/08)Regular 
Full Festival (Wed-Mon)$95$130
Weekend (Fri-Mon)$75$  85
One-Day Wed-Fri$45$  50
One-Day Sat$30$  30
One-Day Sun-Mon NO EXHIBITS$20$  20
Two-Day Sat-Sun$50$  50

The FREE Exhibit Hall is open to the Public 10am-4:30pm Wed-Sat.

Registration includes access to the evening Sips & Bits Receptions in the Registration Area and access to as many "free" (with registration) classroom presentations as you want to attend on a first-come, first-served basis. [Note that some paid photograpy sessions are held in classrooms - they must be registered for in advance.] While registering you can enroll in paid events (workshops, field trips, boat trips, etc.) at additional cost. A $4.95 handling fee is added to all registrations. Once you "Save" your registration using the button at the page bottom, you will receive an email with a link you can use to return to your form anytime.

If you select a registration type other than Full Festival - please remember that ONLY the sessions FOR THE DAY(s)YOU HAVE SELECTED will be listed on the screen.

Note to Volunteers, Sponsors, Trip Leaders and other special registrations: your registration will be initiated by the Registration Manager. You will receive an email containing a link to your registration.

Review FAQ sheet (link below) for refund and cancellation policy. 

IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS - please review Registration instruction pdf updated 10-18 and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), then email the Registration Support

PREORDER T-SHIRTS - Descriptions & Directions for pre-ordering

Convenient links back to SCBWF Website (
Classroom Talks (Descriptions only - SCHEDULE AVAILABLE LATER)
Directions to Meet-up Spots
Field Trip, Workshop, and Classroom Leader Bios
Field Trips/Trips on the water/EELs
Giving Back to Brevard IRLC 
Lodging Updates
Silent Auction text
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Spotlight Speakers
Staff Bios
Website Homepage
STEP 1. Select Your Registration METHOD and Registrant TYPE
  • NOTE same Email may be used multiple times, Password must vary slightly (one idea is to add a name or initial to your "usual" password")
    SINGLE method - manage and pay for one person at a time
    PARTY/GROUP method - setup and pay for 2 or more people (can make one payment)

    I have already registered and want to edit my registration
    I forgot my password / I don't have a password