Create A Custom Report

rsvpBOOK can create a custom report that can access your data in a variety of ways that are not possible using the Report Wizard on the Admin Dashboard. The following are examples of custom reports that cannot be achieved with the Report Wizard:

  • Data can be filtered on 2 or more fields at the same time.
    • For example, if session #5 AND session #7 were selected, then include the other checked fields in this database
  • "Extra" fields, that are not in your event's database, but are populated with data that is a result of the combination of other fields
    • For example, if ticket #1 is sold and session #4 is selected, then put "Special Registrant" in the new field called "reg_type."
  • Re-order the columns across the groups in the Report Wizard
    • For example, put the total sale amount right after the last name of the registrant
  • Add a summary Total row for any or all columns that contain numeric data
  • Prepare report that is downloadable in a format other than .CSV


Typically, a custom report can be created in 1 to 1.5 hours. Please contact our support team for details and a quote.