Event Setup Consult

rsvpBOOK consists of a very large toolbox, with many wizards and tools that can make your event management and organization tasks during and after your event far more efficient and easy. The Event Setup Consult service will make recommendations to you regarding how to setup your questions, sessions and sales items to simplify your registrant's experience and guarantee that you capture meaningful data.

Our Event Setup Consult service includes a telephone/webex conference call that will listen to your event registration needs and then make suggestions regarding:

  • How to organize your questions, sessions and sales items to provide the registrant with a pleasant experience
  • How to design your registration form for optimum simplicity and reporting on the back end
  • How to setup your Group registration forms, discounts and sales items
  • How to add your event's sponsors, agendas, speaker bios and other event-related information
  • How to determine and setup registration types and multi-tabbed webpages
  • How to add downloadable documents to your registration page and email messages

When completed, you will have a plan that you can use to build out your event with the knowledge and confidence that your registrant's experience will be positive and your data capture will be efficient and useful.

If you do not have time nor the inclination to build your own event, we offer an Event Setup Service that will create and build out your event to meet your specifications and needs. Learn more


Typically, an event setup consult can be conducted by telephone in 1 to 2 hours. Please contact our support team for details and a quote.