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Cordova Gansey Project:  Bonne Marie Burns

Proposed Workshop/Event Schedule:
June 24:      Wednesday 7-9 pm  Meet & Greet Bonne Marie
                     Introductions & Pattern Signing at The Net Loft

June 25:      Thursday  1:30-4:30 pm   Skill Session 1:  Pick Up and Knit
                     Thursday  7-10 pm   Group Session with Bonne Marie for Pilot Group Cordova            Gansey Project

June 26:      Friday  9 am-12 noon  Skill Session 2:  Zippers
                     Friday  1:30- 4:30 pm  Skill Session 3:    
                     Friday Evening   Dinner and Knitting at the reluctant Fisherman (exact time TBA)
June 27-28:  Saturday - Sunday  9-4:30 pm  with one and a half hour lunch break
                     New Traditions in Fisherman Sweaters  

June 27:      Saturday Evening  7-10 pm 
                     Fashion Show - Share, Show & Knit  
                     ALL WELCOME!

June 28:      Sunday Evening  6-9 pm  
                     Pot Luck Dinner at Bear Country Lodge
                     ALL WELCOME!

Workshop Descriptions:

June 25:      Thursday  1:30-4:30 pm   Skill Session 1:  Pick Up and Knit    $55
Learn how to master one of the most useful techniques for construction and finishing.. This class will explore: The areas of a sweater that continue even after you think you're done making them How to interpret what your pattern wants and what you need How to successfully translate that into finishing or no-sew construction

June 26:       Friday  9 am-12 noon  Skill Session 2:  No Fear Zippers & Bands  $55
Learn how to add bands and zippers to your handknitting! This class will explore: - Types of edges - Types of closures - Various techniques for Bands, including buttonholes - How to sew-in a zipper

June 26:       Friday  1:30 - 4:30 pm  Skill Session 3:   $55 

June 27-28:  Saturday - Sunday  9-4:30 pm  with one and a half  hour lunch break 
                     New Traditions in Fisherman Sweaters  
From the time when every stitch told a story to the present, a Fisherman's sweater is one of the most enduring garments on record... Explore this most intriguing and decorative sweater style translated into a modern shape.

As we who've learned at grandma's knees know, one of the most satisfying aspects of knitting is its bond to all the knitters who've gone before. We'll reach back through the decades and reveal cherished connections – the enchanting stitch patterns, the community, the stories told THEN bring that kindred fabric into our current craft.

Join us to make a contemporary version of a beloved sweater style. This class will explore:
  •  A short history of the Fisherman Sweater
  •  Overview of classic stitch patterns & the Gansey
  •  How traditional construction translates into contemporary shapes
  •  Techniques to customize a sweater with signature Fisherman stitch patterns (including chart reading & making) as part of a modern garment
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials Provided: Fisher Lassie pattern from Chic Knits.
Class Fee:  $225  plus materials (10% discount on materials) includes lunches

10% discount on all workshops if registered and paid by May 15.