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 Net Loft Fiber and Friends 2014 is brought to you by The Net Loft, a local handcraft shop in Cordova, Alaska. The Net Loft originated in the net loft of a commercial fishing warehouse in 1984. Net lofts traditionally are places to work on nets, but for eighteen years, this net loft housed a unique assortment of treasures. Over ten years ago, the Net Loft moved to its present location on Main Street in “Downtown” Cordova, where it continues to do business.     

Presently, The Net Loft carries a wide variety of yarn, needlework, scrapbook, papercraft & handcraft supplies, as well as a selection of fine gifts, jewelry & the absolute essentials, fine chocolates and caramels.  So much of what we are at The Net Loft is entangled with the lifestyle of our rural fishing village of Cordova, Alaska.  Many of our products reflect and are reminiscent of the incredible beauty of the natural setting  and wildlife of this coastal town nestled in the Chugach Mountains.  

The Net Loft’s exclusive Snow Capped Yarns line is hand dyed in Cordova by local resident and yarn artist, Shelly Kocan.  Skeins in the Stacks, another hand dyed Cordova yarn line available, dyed by our local librarian, Anna Hernandez, is also available at the shop.  In addition, we also feature custom and locally inspired yarns dyed by notable yarn artists such as Phydeaux, Three Irish Girls, Hand Maiden and Zen Yarn Garden.  Within the shop, there are nooks and crannies filled with hand picked treasures many layers deep; beautiful buttons, luxurious ribbons, threads for embroidery and needlework, and so much more.  

Most importantly, it is our hope and desire to not only provide quality materials for creativity, but to also create a welcoming environment and haven for the collective learning and sharing of creative pursuits among friends.  You are always most welcome at The Net Loft, by the beautiful shores of Prince William Sound.  

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About Cordova

It is not by accident or by passing through en route to somewhere else does one discover this little town. Like an island, the small town of Cordova has no roads leading in or out of the city.  Cordova is sought out with intention, and those who do so will find what is known as “Alaska’s Hidden Treasure”.   Not only is Cordova an authentic functional commercial fishing community and epicenter to a fishing fleet that boasts some of the highest quality, sustainable harvest of Alaskan Wild Salmon, but it is also an “off the beaten path” destination for outdoor adventurers and scenery seekers.  

With a year round population around 2200, it is a small town with a great big view.  Surrounded by snow capped mountains and rainforests, atop the skihill trail, one may gaze at an expansive view in all directions as they look down into Prince William Sound and then off into the Copper River Delta in the far distance. A journey certainly worth the walking.  

It is important to know what to expect about our city.  The town itself is unpretentious and simple. It is not a caricature or a stage setting of days gone by, but a vital and active working town. It is not fancy… it IS genuine.  It is the people and the surroundings that make it so special. This is what we know and love as “Cordova”.  Plan to experience this first hand, as for the week that you are here, we invite you to make this special place called Cordova your home as well.

Intentionally off the beaten path and most assuredly worth the journey.    

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View some more photos of Cordova and surrounding region by local photographer, David Little 

About me

My name is Dotty Widmann and I am the organizer for the Net Loft Fiber & Friends 2014 event.  As owner and shopkeeper, more than anything else, I see myself as a facilitator, and one of my greatest pleasures is getting people started on a creative project and helping them to complete something they never believed or imagined themselves doing.  When I have attended handweavers or knitting conferences in the past, I have often thought how wonderful it would be if we could organize a collection of instructors and bring them to Cordova, so those in town could have an opportunity to learn and grow from such an experience first hand.   This event is the fruit of that desire.

My husband, Bob,  is a commercial fisherman and we are a migrant  fishing family.  My children have been raised half within the craft life of The Net Loft and half on our fishing boat, the Orion, experiencing boat life and the world of commercial fishing; an interesting combination.   

My love for needlework stems from my mother and her mother’s mother.  I was never an excellent anything.  I just liked to be creative, and have always been willing to share what little I knew, for the very sake of keeping the craft alive, not necessarily that I was the best at it.  I am someone who gets people started and they always go above and beyond my capabilities, and that is fine by me.  

I enjoy very much teaching children’s handcrafts.  I actually have many loves, and The Net Loft is a reflection of my love of all craft and needlework.  I also have many soft spots… ribbon, buttons, yarn, paper, pens, bottles of ink, watercolor paints, pads of paper, beads, wool, silk fiber, and all the components that come together for creative pursuits.  I was trained as a biologist, and those who know me know how much I love wildflowers, berries, birds, and the beauty and elemental designs inherent in nature. 

 I value friendship.  I appreciate encouragement, and despite my wrestling with my personal inabilities and shortcomings,  I try to maintain an upward vision, and be willing to keep striving to grow and learn. I believe that life does not always go as expected, that there are a lot of things beyond our control, but that regardless of the circumstances,  we still need a place where we can walk through the door and be loved and accepted, and it is my hope and desire that the Net Loft be that kind of place.    

Though I am the owner and primary shopkeeper, I wish I could show every face that is and has been a contributor for the past thirty years to The Net Loft, for the shop itself is not just “about me”.  I have had and continue to have an amazing staff each of which have made The Net Loft into what it is today.  Their input, their ideas, their time and energy ha
ve made the shop be something I could never have accomplished on my own, and I am truly grateful for them.