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Plant the Pavement! 2012

Saturday, November 10
8:30 am   –  9:00 am         Arrival and registration
8:45 am   –  9:30 am         Breakfast prepared by Catering with a Cause
9:15 am   –  10:00 am       Welcome, Growing Power staff introductions, break-out session descriptions
10:00 am –  12:30 pm       Break-Out Sessions
12:30 pm –  1:15 pm         Hot Local Lunch prepared by Catering with a Cause
1:15 pm –  3:45 pm           Break-Out Sessions
3:45 pm –  4:00 pm           Break
4:00 pm –  5:30 pm           Will Allen presentation, Q & A
Sunday, November 11
8:30 am   –  9:15 am        Breakfast prepared by Catering with a Cause
9:00 am   –  9:15 am        Announcements, Questions
9:15 am   –  9:30 am        Break into session groups
9:30 am   –  12:00 pm      Break-Out Sessions
12:00 pm –  1:00 pm        Hot local lunch prepared by Catering with a Cause
1:00 pm   –   3:30 pm       Break-Out Sessions
3:30 pm   –  5:00 pm        Walking tours of IFFS Urban Ag sites in Southeast Raleigh


Break-out Sessions

Each participant can choose from a variety of hands-on break-out sessions. 

Compost & Vermiculture
Learn an innovative approach to sustainable crop production. Develop a comprehensive and sustainable growing system that can grow food year-round without heat! During this workshop, participants will learn hands-on how to construct and maintain a worm bin. Turn your worm castings into cash by creating a value-added product for your farm. The training also includes building indoor, small scale compost system and how to maintain outdoor, small and large scale systems.


Learn how to build indoor fish and plant systems for food production. Participants will set up a small scale aquaponics system and learn how to maintain and monitor tilapia and perch fish production in a closed loop, natural system.

Year-Round Micro-Green Production
Learn the A to Z of micro-green production! In this hands-on class, we will engage in the seeding, harvesting, washing and packing of micro and leafy greens, with a follow-up discussion on how to market the product. We will also touch on other year-round hoop-house and greenhouse production. This is a great way to round out your farm operation and bring in profit and food security all year-round.


Hoop House Construction
Learn how to build a hoop house greenhouse using innovative and inexpensive construction methods. 



Learn how to cultivate mushrooms and how they help to remediate the soil.