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How about a day to explore... be with friends... watch the eagles...go for a hike...sit quietly by a lake... see a glacier....kayak in Orca Bay.  Find that wonderful balance between rest and activity as you take this day and explore the sights and scenes of Cordova and its beautiful surroundings.

Wedged between the activity of workshops,  Adventure Day is scheduled for Wednesday June 29.  We will post more information and details after the first of the year. We have set it up so you can combine different options.

There will be charges associated with some of the options, but several are available at no charge.  We are looking forward to a day of being together outdoors enjoying the incredible beauty of our local region.  It is very possible that it might rain...but the coastal temperate rainforest of Cordova is still beautiful in the mist, and we will just dress for the weather.

No charge options include hikes that you can take right from town. Ski Hill, Crater Lake, Mount Eyak.
We will also have an art studio visit with local artist David Rosenthal scheduled.  10-12 pm or 3-5 pm

Options that need prior registration: YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THESE OPTIONS DIRECTLY WITH ORCA LODGE  by emailing them and signing up with them. Kayak and Glacier trips have size limits, so register for those options as soon as possible if that is something you are interested in.

Kayaking in ORCA INLET - available 9-12 OR 3-6 pm   is being offered at discounted price of $85 per person
email Orca Adventure Lodge <>

Sheridan Glacier Hike  9-2 pm  ( Glacier 13 miles from town)  $95 includes lunch and transportation to and from town. For registration, email Orca Adventure Lodge <>

Child's Glacier Day Trip 9-5 pm (Glacier 50+ miles from town, road is washed out so they offer shuttle across river and vehicle from wash out spot)

Including lunch and transportation from town $270. For registration, email Orca Adventure Lodge <>
IF you will have a vehicle, and you can drive to 36 mile. $150 regular price $100 SPECIAL if you say you are with Fiber & Friends FisherFolk no meals or drinks. contact Jack or Cherrie Stevenson  details