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Schedule of Evening Programs:
This is tentative schedule. We still have some features to add, including sharing with Elizabeth Johnston from the Shetland Islands.

Friday June 24 :

4-6 registration open

6-7 pm Dinner

7:15 -8 pm Orientation, Introduction of Instructors

8-9 pm “FisherFolk - Honoring the Past” Guest Speaker, Kathryn Logan,  curator Moray Firth Gansey Project, Scotland.

We will have an exhibit of the project's collection of ganseys from the region on display in our local museum, and Kathryn will be speaking on the project and gansey history. 

Saturday June 25:
7-9:30 pm “FisherFolk -Honoring the Present” evening program dedicated to the commercial fishing industry of Cordova, and tales of the Cordova Gansey Project. Exposition of first launch of finished and works in progress ganseys and Chic Knits Fisher Lassie cardigans. 


Sunday June 26:
Open for exploration and informal gatherings.  

Monday June 27:  
7-9:30 pm Makers FisherFolk Craft Night and Fireside Spinning/Knitting
Lace Shawl Blocking Demonstration


Tuesday June 28:
 7-9 pm Town Indigo Dye Dip, Natural Dye Talk with Kathy Hattori


Wednesday June 29:
 Have an adventurous evening!


Thursday June 30:  
7-9:30 pm  Makers FisherFolk Craft Night and Fireside Spinning/Knitting


Friday July 1: 
7- 10 pm Virtual Visit from Jared Flood via Skype of Brooklyn Tweed, Fashion Show & Tell, Virtual Special Guest via Skype Kate Davies from Scotland with Kate Davies Caller Herrin Wrister Knitalong,  Library Fireside Knitting/Spinning


Saturday July 2: 
7-9 pm  Wild Salmon Feed & Potluck at Bear Country Lodge


Sunday July 3:  
7-9 pm Informal Unwind - Knit/Spin/Craft & Closing