Event and Workshop Attendance Tracking

Track attendance at the door of your event as well as each of your workshops to get a complete event picture.

Event and Workshop Attendance Tracking

Central Management

Oversee your event check-ins and manage attendee access all from one intuitive portal

Boost Attendance

With a quick and efficient check-in process, ensure higher attendee satisfaction and retention. Promote your event with our complimentary email tools or share your dedicated landing page on social media

Track Success

Gain insights into attendee check-ins in real-time. Monitor attendance patterns and leverage data for future event planning

At The Door

Offer combinations of QR Code scanning, attendants with tablets or self-service kiosks depending on your event needs

Easy Attendance Management

Attendance can be tracked for your event itself or each workshop by scanning QR Codes from a smart phone or checking names off on a tablet.

Why Use QR Code Check-In?

In the digital era, event organizers and attendees alike are on a constant quest for streamlined, contactless, and efficient experiences. QR codes have emerged as a pivotal technology in the events industry, revolutionizing the way we manage and attend events. If you're in search of a comprehensive solution, look no further than rsvpBOOK. Our platform offers a complete event management package, inclusive of complimentary QR code check-ins, ensuring an unparalleled ease in your event entry process. Discover how rsvpBOOK can elevate your event management experience to new heights:

How It Works

QR Code Check-In can be easily used at your event entrance and/or individual workshops to track engagement over the day. Staff just need a simple smartphone - no extra software to install!

  1. Add your registrants to rsvpBOOK - Start by adding all your registrants to the rsvpBOOK platform through the registration link or bulk upload
  2. Give staff their scanning app - Provide your staff with the scanning app either through a QR Code or an emailed URL.
  3. Scan registrant's event app or badge - As attendees arrive, have their event app or badge scanned at the door to check them in.
  4. Watch event reports in real-time - Monitor your event reports as they update in real-time with the latest check-in activity.

At rsvpBOOK, our mission is to simplify your event management journey with our holistic solutions. Our complimentary QR code event check-in feature stands as a testament to our commitment to modern, efficient, and attendee-centric event experiences. Dive into a world where cutting-edge technology seamlessly blends with user-friendly functionality. Choose rsvpBOOK and elevate your next event to unparalleled heights.

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I just wanted to let you know how effective and easy this made our event. We had over 2,600 people attend the event and the QR scanning system made it a breeze!

Chelsea G.

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