Boost Engagement with Gamification

Elevate Your Next Conference
Encourgage attendee participation and engagement with gamification. Scannable codes can be set up at vendor booths, session rooms or other locations to encourage attendees to visit and participate. Add a unique trivia question to each location for extra effect.

Trivia Questions

Add a trivia question to each scan location to boost interaction even further


The real-time leaderboard will let attendees track their ranking against other participants

At-a-Glance Metrics

Easily view reports on the overall populartiy of each location

Detailed Reports

Pull in-depth reporting per location to see trends in scan times

I just wanted to let you know how effective and easy this made our event. We had over 2,600 people attend the event and the QR scanning system made it a breeze!

Chelsea G.


Creating your first Virtual Event

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