rsvpBOOK's Event Registration Software Can Save You Money and Boost Your Attendance

Our feature-rich event registration software can lower your costs and reduce your workload.

rsvpBOOK's event registration software is made to help you save time and money. By capturing your registrant information online, you can spend more time with your event itself. It is easy to use and requires no special training.

rsvpBOOK allows you to:

  • Collect custom registrant information in minutes
  • Capture credit card payments online securely
  • Build and share custom reports with colleagues easily
  • Easily build name badges and certificates with a few clicks
  • Generate session attendee rosters
  • Quickly send email invitations from your event dashboard
  • Collect feedback from event attendees using Post Event Surveys

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rsvpBOOK's Robust Event Management Software
Saves You Time and Money

... rsvpBOOK enables us to share our event registrant reporting with our clients online so they never have to wait to see the results. With an up-to-the-minute, refreshable report, they always know how well their event is doing.
– B2B Lead Machine, Inc.