Rammit Yourself Workshops

Rammed Earth Solar Homes Inc. is pleased to offer
Friday-Sunday Workshops
"Designing and Building with Rammed Earth"

Each Rammit Yourself Workshop covers soil selection and testing; forming walls and corners; installing electricity, plumbing and window and door blockouts; mixing and tamping dirt; and stripping forms.

Each will include instruction in designing and building with rammed earth, including technical data and supervised hands-on experience constructing a wall.

The curriculum will include:

  • Forming a rammed earth wall with modular forms and embedded insulation.
  • Installing electrical outlet boxes and conduit.
  • Hanging OSHA-approved scaffolding from the forming system.
  • Comparing rammed earth reinforced with rebar versus post-tensioning rods.
  • Writing specifications for stabilized and water-resistant rammed earth.
  • Making rammed earth test cylinders using ASTM standards.
  • Mixing, placing within forms, and tamping dirt.
  • Stripping forms from finished wall.
  • Designing headers, bondbeams and roof-attachments.
  • Maintaining tampers.
  • Evaluating soils and house plans brought by attendees.
Several housing options in the area are available, from camping out to staying at a Hilton golf resort. Please call for further information.

Lunch is provided each day.

  • Rammed Earth Solar Homes Inc.
    Address provided upon registration.
    Oracle, AZ 85623
    United States
    1 (520) 896-3393
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    Cancellation refund policy: Payment is due in full at time of registration. Full refunds are offered up to 30 days before the start of the course, minus a 10% processing fee. If the course is cancelled by Rammed Earth Homes, a full refund will be issued.