Epic Patient Management/EHR Training

Migration Plans Underway?

Is your hospital preparing to upgrade to Epic's Patient Management/EHR ( Electronic Health Record ) system? One of the major hurdles you will face is training all of your existing staff, and the scheduling of that training within Epic HealthStream. rsvpBOOK can help simplify your first wave of employee training across all divisions in your hospital, ensuring a smooth transition.

Save Time and Resources

With rsvpBOOK, your classes, managers and employees will all be preloaded into the system. Managers can assign and modify scheduling for all of their employees in only a few clicks, with automatic course filtering based on their existing Epic roles. This will save you days of time by letting the managers work out the schedule first, then updating HealthStream only a single time for each employee.

Do More With rsvpBOOK Support

  • Let managers register all of their employee's schedules from a central interface
  • Let proctors register for only classes with existing student registrations
  • Import updated class times from Epic HealthStream from a single file
  • Prepopulate managers and employees from a single file
  • Automatically manage employee Roles and course prerequisites
  • One-click reporting to see the current status of all classes
  • Once finished, HealthStream needs to only be updated a single time

Find Out More

If you have more than one hospital upgrading, it gets even easier. Each can have its own separate training management portal. To learn more about how rsvpBOOK can save you time and money during this upgrade process, either give us a call at 1-888-933-8484 or email us.
rsvpBOOK has been invaluable in enabling the Education Department to seamlessly manage the registration and reporting of employee learners in their continuing education courses.

Donna Walton, St. Joseph's Healthcare System