Features: Capture Registrations Efficiently

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Sessions, Classes, Workshops

  • Set up an unlimited number of sessions, workshops, classes, tracks or locations
  • Set up groups of sessions that contain selections by radio buttons (only 1 can be selected) or checkboxes (1 or more can be selected)
  • Session Groups can be collapsed to minimize screen space; registrant can "spin down" the session list
  • Assign CE credits to each session -
  • Specify whether or not attendance is required
  • Collect fees for each session
  • Offer different sessions to each registrant type
  • Easily specify all session details (topic and description, speaker, location, room, dates, times, audience, focus, level)
  • Organize sessions into Groups to set up attendee choices by time (1:30-3:30), day (Monday, Tuesday), location (Boston, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, London) or any other division
  • Connect the display of sessions to a question response - useful for setting up registrant types and then displaying only certain sessions for each registrant type
  • Specify required attendance by group or session
  • Automatically prevent attendees for signing up for overlapping sessions (conflict blocking)
  • Automatically upgrade registrants from waitlisted status when a space becomes available
  • Specify required attendance by group or session
  • Hide the date and time for each session individually
  • Send reminders to attend to session attendees
  • Mark each session's attendance list to keep track of
  • Use barcode check-in to track session attendance
  • Set up pre-requisite sessions which will require session signup or session attendance
  • Set maximum number of attendees for each or any session, with automatic wait-lists
  • Turn ON or OFF the display of remaining session slots on the registration page
  • Easily move wait-listed attendees to attendee list when an opening arises and automatically notify attendee
  • Move attendees from one session to another and let them know with an automatic e-mail confirmation
  • Print out personalized session itineraries, one page per registrant – include them in their conference packets or hand them out at the door
  • View and download attendee rosters by track, session, or group of sessions
  • View and download transcript reports per attendee that span multiple events
  • Send post-event surveys by session or group of sessions
  • Create custom reports with filterable results for special session reports - importable into spreadsheet software
  • Share your reports with 3rd parties - login is NOT REQUIRED to view shared reports - all reports are real-time, up-to-the-minute accurate; for example, send to the caterer, the hotel, the shuttle company, colleagues and managers