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White Label Event Registration

  • If your enterprise has multiple event organizers, rsvpBOOK’s Pro Edition product provides a Dashboard to manage all event organizers and events from one screen. Some of the features include the following:
    • your company's look and feel - 100%
    • all events delivered under your company's event domain name
    • centralized registrant data across all events
    • management of multiple event organizers
    • reporting across all events
    • centralized liability and editorial content control
    • volume discounts
  • rsvpBOOK is invisible to your customers and registrants; you appear to operate your own online event registration system - make it yours
  • Contact sales@rsvpBOOK.com for more information
  • Selected Pro Edition Dashboard screen shots for a fictitious company, Serafina Solutions:
Pro Edition Login
Pro Edition Dashboard
Pro Edition User Manager
Pro Edition Event Listing